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  • Thoughts

    Some personal insight into the campaign.

    October 26, 2017
    Two weeks away. It’s hard to believe. This campaign has been a journey. One of my most significant learning experiences. The greatest challenge. Filled with plenty of ups and downs. And I wouldn’t change any of it. I remember the exact moment when I knew — for sure — I was going to run. I was...
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    A Local Community Member that Cares

    There are many reasons why families choose to call Perrysburg home. We have a beautiful historic district, safe neighborhoods, and top-rated schools. These are just a few of the reasons why my husband and I chose Perrysburg. We both grew up in Northwest Ohio and appreciate this wonderful community.


    It's my passion for that community that prompted me to enter the race for this open council seat. I love Perrysburg, plan to stay in Perrysburg, and look forward to continuing to give back to this place that we all call home.


    I will be your active, reasonable, and responsible voice on City Council. When elected, I will listen to your concerns and use my experience as an organizational leader to make sound decisions collaboratively with my fellow council members.


    When I take on a responsibility — such as serving my community — I'm 100% dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I learn from my accomplishments and — just as valuable — my mistakes. I appreciate and practice effective communication.

    Transparency is of paramount importance to me. I believe in honesty, integrity, and authenticity. I won't tell you what you want to hear to win your vote. We may not always agree, but this is our city. We need to remember that we're all neighbors. If we respect each other and work together, we can improve the already great community of Perrysburg.


    So, who is Ashley McMahon? I have my BA in Communications from Loyola University Chicago and my MBA from Bowling Green State University. My professional experience includes ten years in marketing and communications and more than 15 years of volunteering for various non-profits and causes.


    I'm an active member of St. Rose Catholic Church, a member of Una Voce choir, and a small business owner. I understand the challenges of running a small business first-hand and will use all the resources at my disposal to foster a business-friendly environment.


    To learn more about the goals that I will work to achieve on Council, have a look at the Issues section of my site.

  • Let's Talk About the Issues

    "Now more than ever, we need public servants who will listen to all views and opinions. That is my pledge to you."

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    Improve Communication

    The city of Perrysburg can improve the way they communicate with you — the citizens. As a professional communicator, I can make real improvements to the city's communication channels. It's your city. You deserve to easily and accurately know what's going on.

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    Sustainable Growth

    Perrysburg is growing. We're thriving. New businesses want to be here. Families want to move and live here. That's great, but we need to ensure that we have strategic plans to handle rapid growth. That includes responsible zoning decisions and proper infrastructure maintenance. I strive to promote reasonable growth that allows us to remain a sought after, vibrant city without losing any of our small-town charm.

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    Responsible Budget

    You care about where and how your tax dollars are spent. As a result, I aim to work in collaboration with fellow council members and the city's administration to maintain a responsible budget. Also, I will urge everyone to stay transparent about decisions regarding the budget, keeping that open line of communication with you — the people of Perrysburg.

  • Endorsements

    Don't take my word for it.

    Here's what your fellow community members have to say.

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    Tim McCarthy

    President, Perrysburg City Council

    Ashley McMahon will be a fresh, new voice for the younger generation in Perrysburg. As a former journalist and currently as a self-employed business person in the communications field, Ashley will bring an expertise in the field of communications that City Council does not currently have, and that some recent events have demonstrated is needed. She has been active in the community and at St. Rose Parish, and her enthusiasm for Perrysburg and her commitment to the importance of local government would make her a tremendous addition to our Council and I look forward to working with her.

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    Kerry Wellstein

    Small Business Owner in Perrysburg

    I am excited to support Ashley McMahon for Perrysburg's City Council. Her enthusiasm for Perrysburg and dedication to serving others is impressive and unique. Ashley will be able to give an important perspective from her generation which is priceless information for our growing community.

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    Dr. Mike Zickar

    Chair, Department of Psychology at BGSU

    Wood County Democratic Party Chair

    Ashley McMahon will be a great member of Perrysburg City Council. She is doing this all for the right reasons: a desire to give back to her community and to help shape its future. This isn't a calculated move to aspire to future political office. Ashley is the kind of person who brings a positive attitude along with a constructive problem-solving approach to decision making. She has brought that positive, can-do attitude to her family's small business and she will bring that to Perrysburg Council. In these chaotic political times, it is easy to get cynical about government and our leaders. Ashley McMahon gives me hope!

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    Walt Edinger, PhD

    Assoc. Professor of Medical Ethics at UT

    Former Perrysburg School Board Member


    I applaud Ashley McMahon for her willingness to step forward and run for Perrysburg City Council. She has the intelligence and the energy to be an effective leader. And she is doing it the right way. She is out knocking on doors and listening to people she meets. Ashley has my full support!

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